At pragmatice we provide bespoke installations with PEN protection that are not only discreet, they are also practical, including easy access to the charging gun stored neatly within the brickwork if desired.

We always suggest you purchase the EV Charger and would recommend which charger and where to purchase to get the best price and delivery. Our recommendation is the Myenergi Zappi from electrical2go.co.uk

Thirdrock supply portable products that have variable charging rates, from 8 amps to 16 amps with a standard 16 amp commando plug, giving you the option to use this facility remotely, on occasional visits to friends and family without the worry or concern about finding somewhere to charge. Please note that Any connection to a non PEN protected supply is at the user"s discretion and should only be considered as a temporary 10amp Charging solution.

Below is an example of our bespoke installation at Brampton, showing how discreet, practical and unobtrusive it can be, removing a need to wind cable around a charging unit permanently fitted to the front of your home when not in use, at Pragmatice we strive to blend in practically. You would be surpised how cost efficient this bespoke service actually is,

Click myenergi to see our

Recommended zappi Home Charger



for the 16amp Mobile Charger